Welcome to DeSalvo Massage Therapy and Lypossage of Winston Salem. 

Thank you for visiting my Winston-Salem Massage Therapy and Lypossage practice’s website.  If you’re looking for a very experienced massage therapy professional in Winston Salem, (33+ years), you’ve come to the right place, and best of all “NO MEMBERSHIPS are REQUIRED” to see me, ever.  I have a passion for helping people to feel better than they thought possible through the power and simplicity of educated, intentional and compassionate human touch.

My mission is to provide each person with an individual and results-focused treatment that exceeds their expectations and leaves them feeling dramatically better than when they walked in.

Massage Therapy is more popular than ever, think about how your stress levels may have increased over the past couple years.  You see, there are many people who “do bargain massage”, but there are very few true therapeutic massage professionals who can provide profound deep-tissue bodywork at a very high level, comfortably.  There are even fewer who have provided over 31,000+ treatments with 33+ years experience practicing independently focusing on relieving pain and unresolved stress.  I am proud to have received my training at The Humanities Center School for Massage Therapy, one of the premier schools for massage therapy in the United States, located in Florida, not to mention the long list of advanced training I’ve taken since beginning my career in 1986.

I invite you to explore my site and familiarize yourself with my Therapeutic Massage Practice in Winston Salem.

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